We offer a comprehensive range of reinsurance solutions to specialty clients globally.

Our team benefits from a strong reputation built upon over decades in the business.

This means our clients and brokers know what to expect from us in terms of pricing, communication and a broader offering over time.

We also bring a comprehensive understanding of risk, underpinned by our unique data and analytics approach. Together with our clean balance sheet, these factors allow us to give you exceptional service and a long-term partnership that benefits us both.

We write a range of specialty reinsurance risks on both excess of loss and proportional basis, including marine, energy,  aviation and space, terrorism , fine art and specie, political risk and agro business.


Christophe Chandler

Property and Specialty Re Underwriter

I came to Convex with 20 years of experience in property reinsurance and four running specialty reinsurance.

For me, there were two main attractions about joining. The first was the opportunity to be part of a business where everyone is aligned around a single purpose which is to build a business for the long term. We have some of the most talented people in the industry, all pushing in the same direction with a focus on the decisions and partnerships that will create long term value.

The second was that the business is run by underwriters who fully understand the business we are in and will respond to losses in an appropriate way. This underwriting mentality is key to delivering consistent messages to clients and brokers. It also means people see the bigger picture of the opportunity rather than reacting in a way that can jeopardise our trading relationships. It’s the nature of our business to have losses; we both accept them and know how to behave in their wake.

How we work

Our aim is to be a comprehensive reinsurer for our target clients. Across a whole suite of products, we have the capabilities and expertise to give a very diversified offering and be your reinsurance partner.

We have the expertise and capital to do this, along with a reputation and track record to protect. Our data-driven method for rating and pricing risk, along with our collaborative approach, put us in a strong position to earn our reputation in the longer term.

We use data and analytics to understand risk better. Once we have this fuller picture, we can talk to the client and the broker about their general reinsurance needs, not just a single product. Over time we will build our profile to take on leadership positions in our chosen segments.


Who we do business with

We take a targeted approach when deciding who to partner with. We want to engage with clients that really understand reinsurance and how it benefits us both over the long term. We also value clients that combine strong underwriting skills with sound data.

By focusing our capacity in this way, we can bring the full strength of our expertise, data and fresh balance sheet to our core relationships. We’re also determined to improve; over time, we’ll expand our solutions and increase our line sizes to make sure we stay relevant.

Meet the Team

Richard Williams
Dirigeant Agréé, General Manager
Harry Thompson
Underwriter - Specialty
Christophe Chandler
Underwriter – Property & Specialty, Reinsurance
Sam James
Head of Casualty Claims
Olfa Hasni
Senior Reinsurance Claims Adjuster
David Pusiak
Head of Marine Claims
Robert Smart
Underwriter – Property Reinsurance

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