The US healthcare market has hardened in recent years. We apply our market-leading expertise and data to create great-value products for clients and brokers across a wide range of exposures.

Our best-main areas of business are hospitals, long-term care (nursing homes/senior care), allied healthcare (nurse staffing, home healthcare and rehabilitation clinics) and billings errors and omissions. We offer cover both on the open market and directly to cover-holders.

As with all our casualty lines, we’ll immerse ourselves in your business so we can give you the fullest possible coverage for the best and most accurate price – whatever your risk class, size or location.

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Dan Curran

Head of Casualty and Professional

At Convex, we have the benefit of a clean balance sheet. This means we can focus on looking forward for our healthcare insurance clients, and anticipating their future needs, rather than looking back. We can concentrate on building a product offering that’s tailored to our clients, without the collective responsibility of historical performance.

How we work

We make sure we’re completely immersed in understanding the challenges and exposures our clients face, so we can provide the best service and products.

We use Convex’s strong focus on obtaining quality data and joining it up to help us accurately price risk. Because we have a clean slate, we can start categorising data now according to how we want to use it in the future, to give us a competitive advantage. This is key for our team because we base our pricing on claims experience as well as exposures.

We also minimise costs through Convex’s flexible structure, which focuses its expenditure on the best underwriting talent, claims capability and data analytics. This allows us to give our clients a reliable and sustainable service, tailored to your needs. Finally, we’re backed by long-term capital, which makes us a dependable, enduring insurance partner throughout the underwriting cycle.


Who we do business with

We work with a varied client base that includes all types and sizes of US healthcare clients – from hospitals and nursing homes to individual cover holders.

We also work with brokers deciding where to place business. We keep in regular contact with them, so we know exactly what we’re offering and for whom. And whether we’re working with a client or a broker, we’re committed to building long-term relationships that benefits us both.

Meet the Team

Dan Curran
Head of Casualty & Professional
Matt Sugden
Head of Healthcare
Gemma Johnson
Class Underwriter – Healthcare
Stuart Pack
Class Underwriter – Healthcare

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